WHAT IS RECYCLING? Household waste contains metal, paper and plastic resources that can be collected, processed and converted into new products. When we finish a bottled drink, for example, we put the empty bottle into a dedicated recycling container, which we then put out on recycling day to be collected and processed for reuse.

WHY RECYCLE? Recycling is not only environmentally responsible, but provides Aberdeen Township with opportunities to receive grants and rebates which, ultimately improves service and reduces costs for residents. Each year, the Township forwards a tonnage report to the State of New Jersey. The more we recycle, the more funding we become eligible for.

The State of New Jersey was an early adopter of recycling with the passage of the New Jersey Statewide Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Act in April 1987. Counties and municipalities named recycling coordinators and adjusted their local and regional management plans to accommodate the new concepts.

WHAT CAN BE RECYCLED?: All cans, plastic containers, bottles, jars, cardboard, newspaper, office paper and mixed paper can be put out on recycling pick up days. Electronics, including TV’s, computers, laptops, power tools, microwaves, stereos, sound systems, fans, camcorders and vacuums, can be dropped off at the Public Works Garage on Lenox Road. Bulk metals and cardboard can also be recycled at Lenox Road. Our Township also recycles its leaves in the fall. They are collected, processed and returned to the community as mulch and wood chips, which residents can pick up at the Public Works Garage.

Fishermen can recycle monofilament fishing line in special bins located at marinas in South Amboy, Highlands and Atlantic Highlands. “Discarded monofilament fishing line can wreak havoc on the marine environment by entangling, injuring and killing marine birds and aquatic wildlife. It can also cost boaters thousands of dollars when it gets caught in boat propellers and other gear.” (NJ DEP)

WHAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED?: Plastic bags, styrofoam, takeout containers, wax coated drink and food containers, plastic cups and utensils, pizza boxes, pots, pans and dinnerware, packing peanuts, and toys. These and other items are picked up by Suburban Disposal and delivered to the Monmouth County Reclamation Center in Tinton Falls. Monmouth County operates a Household Hazardous Waste facility at 3211 Shafto Road in Tinton Falls for paint, car batteries and many other things that cannot be recycled, go in the regular trash, or be handled through bulk pickup.

HOW CAN I RECYCLE? The Township arranges for recycling pickup by private haulers, except at condominium and apartment developments. Residents can also drop off recyclables at the Public Works Garage on Lenox Road. Usable goods, including clothing, housewares, electronics and furniture can be donated to the Goodwill Industries store at the corner of Route 35 and Cliffwood Avenue.

For more information, see the Trash and Recycling Program page hosted by the Aberdeen Township Department of Public Works.